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A Choice of Darkness - Story Overview

A Choice of Darkness is book #1 of the Major Crimes Task Force series.

Rife with investigative and political truths, interspersed with irreverent police humor, and written as could only be done by someone who has spent more than a quarter century in law enforcement, A Choice of Darkness provides a glimpse into a world of contrast in which love and hate, grief and solace, and ruin and redemption are opposite sides of three separate doubloons co-mingled in the treasure chest of its pages.  Only after close examination of each coin will the reader discover the story’s central message.
Set in the gray winter environs of Harrisburg, PA, A Choice of Darkness offers two perspectives on an intense three-day-long homicide investigation.  The first affords the opportunity to define a mysterious killer in terms of his memories of exploitation, marginalization, and most recently, murder.  The second, that of the new task force members, provides background and growth for each protagonist utilizing third person narrative, memories, and dialog.  Two trains matching speed on parallel tracks, the viewpoints inevitably merge in the final act.

In small part a work of literary fiction, A Choice of Darkness incorporates in-depth character and scene development.  As example, initially despised as a murderer of children, the antagonist slowly evolves into a figure worthy of a modicum of pity as his story of abuse and mental illness unfolds.  Likewise, the protagonists gradually mature both personally and professionally as they discover hidden strength in the bonds created during a homicide investigation turned manhunt.

In larger part a work of commercial fiction, A Choice of Darkness makes use of short chapters with cliffhanger endings and increasing tempo as the story plays out to its climax.  Methodically and at times impertinently building their case, harried investigators rush to identify and apprehend a murderer before he chooses his next victim.  Unaware of the tightening noose, the killer's manic moods resolve as fate provides a long-awaited opportunity for further exploration and introspection.  However, as often occurs with Providence, nothing is as it seems. 

Choices will be made.  Consequences will follow.