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Bloodstone - Story Overview

Bloodstone is a stand-alone science-fiction novel suitable for adults and young adults.

Brandon Straub is an angry young man. A red-hot rage resides beneath the surface of his calm demeanor. His actions, often sudden and violent, have cost him dearly in terms of friendship and love. Failures mount until he discovers the world of professional mixed martial arts, where barely-controlled fury is not only accepted, but expected.

Turn back the clock seven years to the freshman summer of high school. Change is in the air. Childhood playmates diverge, first love blooms, and adolescent confusion abounds. In a last grasp at youth, Brandon, his autistic best friend Donny, and the new girl in town, Jesse, embark on an adventure to locate Indian artifacts. What they find is a malevolence older than mankind that defies both science and religion and which changes their lives forever.

On the day Brandon was touched by evil, fear and inhibition were replaced by anger. Since then, he has diligently built walls under the pretext of sheltering others from that which he has become. However, walls that protect also imprison. As the evil once thought destroyed returns, Brandon must step outside the cage and his false sanctuary to fight for those he has loved and forsaken. Only by returning to those days of innocence and probing emotional wounds not yet healed can he hope to defeat an opponent he cannot comprehend.