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Right to Bear Arms - Character Development


James "Buddy" Rickard, Jr.:  Large and unkempt, Buddy's wild red hair and beard give him the appearance of a mountain man.  True to form, he lives sparingly in a small cabin in the woods.  His favorite past times, hunting and drinking, temper the sharp edge of a life subjugated to the unfair practices of "Big Brother."  Pro-gun and rapidly anti-government, Buddy's twisted beliefs slowly turn sinister.  On the heals of his evolution, death stalks those who oppose his ideology. 


Thomas Payne:  Commander of the recently created Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF) within Pennsylvania’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), the main protagonist enjoys considerable respect and success in his career.  A tall, muscular man of 40 with dark hair and green eyes, Thomas has recently shed the shackles of despair forged by the death of his wife, five years in the past.  In their place, strings of blossoming love now connect him and Breanne O'Malley, a local restauranteur.  As the story progresses each must decide if their relationship can survive the pressures of life and police work.  As for Thomas, a second test, this time to his resolve, will determine if he still has the fortitude to juggle work, politics, and relationships during a homicide investigation spun out of control.

ROBBY FRANKLIN:  A member of the task force, Robby has stayed Thomas' closest friend through thick and thin.  Styled as a racial mix of black and white, he shares age and build with Thomas, but remains unique with dark eyes and close cropped hair.  A multidimensional character, Robby demonstrates a dogged investigative spirit, a wicked comedic streak, and a capacity to occasionally, but always judiciously, use force.  

STAN BROWN:  The elder statesman at 48 years of age, Stan provides the task force with calm during the storm.  A huge ebony mountain of a man, his physical size conceals his true strength, an analytical mind.  An expert in the fields of criminal assessment and offender profiling, his sage advise often borders on clairvoyance.  One of the more fully developed characters in this novel, Stan must come to terms with the violence of his past in order to prevent death in the future.  

Ronnie Sanchez:  A beautiful, Hispanic woman, Ronnie's extremely successful 11-year career investigating and prosecuting sex crimes came to a grinding halt.  Trading skirts for sweatpants, she has spent the last two years working undercover and running from the shared pain of the victims she once helped.  Hesitant, but left no other choice as her covert investigations comes to a close, she joins the task force.  Here she discovers solace in a rather large and unusual package.  Aided by the support and advice of her new partner, Ronnie soon returns to her old form.  A warm and caring character, Ronnie Sanchez displays the heart and soul common, yet often overlooked, in law enforcement personnel.

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BILL TRAVIS:  Bill possesses an eidetic memory and the youthful exuberance of a junior detective.  As described by a more seasoned investigator, he looks like Harry Potter.  Teamed up at various points with tech-wiz Doc Patel, who has limited investigative experience, and Detective Terry Hassinger, an old gumshoe, Bill doles out and receives more than his fair share of practical jokes, while maturing and ferreting out the clues to stop a killer.

DOC PATEL:  An unlikely team member, Doc graduated from the Ivy League into a successful start-up tech company.  Recently a multimillionaire following the sale of his company, the 30-year-old Indian discovers a passion for investigative work.  Combining his proven talent developing computer hardware and software with his new interest, Doc provides the task force with an arsenal of novel investigative tools with which to fight crime.  Portrayed as initially uncomfortable with his new environment, Doc’s world slowly expands in terms of friendships and interests.

MAGGIE BENNETT:  The office manager for the new task force, Maggie shares the tragedy of a spouse’s death with Thomas.  Having succeeded in tempering the pain of her heartbreak, Maggie resolves to help Thomas do the same.  Described as a blond tornado, Maggie’s motherly, yet volatile, personality provides the anchor stabilizing the task force through the waters of political and personal intrigue.