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Author & Book Insight

Welcome to my web page. 

Created solely by my untrained and clumsy fingers, it stands as a testament to my decision to retire from law enforcement and try my hand at writing.  "Why write?" you ask.  Because I love to read, especially a good, believable crime novel.  Unfortunately, while there are many enjoyable works of crime fiction in the marketplace, few present a realistic perspective on police work and law enforcement in general.  My goal and responsibility is to provide readers with a novel both entertaining and pragmatic.  As I grow and spread my wings in this new endeavor, I hope to move beyond the crime genre, yet continue to produce works of fiction not far removed from fact.

As a consumer you also have a responsibility to make good choices when it comes to purchasing books.  Not that a few dollars for a paperback or e-tome will break most banks, but more important than money, is your time.  You can always make more money, but you can't make more time.  So, the investment in reading a full-length novel should be preceded with the same due diligence as choosing your next vacation spot or, at least, a location for Friday's happy hour. 

With this in mind, I have provided potential readers with a preview of the writing style and character development, as well as sample chapters, from each completed novel.  It is my hope this additional insight will help you determine if one or more of my novels is your particular cup of tea.  Let's face it, some people don't care for roller coasters or, for that matter, tea.  So savvy buyer, read on and make your decision...or not.  It's your choice.